Skill Development  
Skill development

Latitude Edutech is committed to the strengthening and enhancement of professional skills both at the workplace and in universities.

At the academic level, we work with leading universities in training in the following stages:
  100% Instructor Led Training.
  Blended Learning.


The key to successful delivery of any program is high quality content and faculty. Our course ware is from global certifying bodies: IEEE and TUV Rheinland.

To ensure that we meet the exacting standards of our customers and of our partners, Latitude Edutech has a focused Train- the- Trainer program.

Our trainers for technical training are engineers with actual software development and hands-on training experience. They understand lacunae in learning and application and are able to apply real life examples to explaining courseware. Our selection ratio is about 13% i.e. 13 of every 100 applicants get to be certified trainers post selection for training and clearing the test.

Shortlisted candidates undergo a rigorous program from Master Trainers of IEEE Certificate Programs on the technical courseware in addition to coaching in soft skills and people management techniques. Post training, the trainers are eligible to be Certified Trainers once they clear the qualifying test.

Every trainer is evaluated at several stages both at Latitude Edutech and by the students in the programs. Quality and consistency are important for growth.

Our trainers enjoy an attractive compensation with a flexible work environment and peers who challenge and motivate a better performance.
If you have the self confidence and the ability to address an intelligent and interactive group of engineers, we would like to hear from you. Our preference is for Engineers/MCAs who have had prior experience in software development and /or training in the IT industry. Trainers would be certified after training by the Master Trainers of IEEE. Compensation is attractive and project based. The role allows you to be focused and deeply involved with the core function of training without any administrative responsibilities.

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  Blended Learning  
Blended Learning

Blended learning is acknowledged as the best alternative and intermediary between traditional classroom learning and virtual learning. Lecturing learners with the same content, reciting the same case studies and anecdotes doesn’t always engage students in a meaningful way.

We are working with our partners and our customers to deliver training and helping learners by finding a meaningful solution. Blended learning combines E-learning and Instructor Led Training ILT.

ILT engages the learner in the classroom or via video, it permits interaction, monitoring and an active two way communication.

E-learning helps learners especially from industry to access knowledge and upgrade their skills irrespective of their location and the physical presence in the classroom. It is especially useful for corporates who find it difficult to engage entire teams in training thereby impacting timelines. E-learning permits flexibility to learn at one’s own pace within set timelines and with the involvement of instructors.
  Advisory Services  
Latitude Edutech has provided consulting services in the skills sector since its inception. Our consulting practice focuses on working with corporate entities and academic institutions to address needs in training, skills development, structuring programs, branding as well as industry interaction.

Our experience includes working with several government departments, academic institutions, as well as industry. We draw on the core competencies and comprehensive cross-sector experiences of the Latitude Edutech team.

Our area of focus has been on undergraduate and post graduate education in the technical and management sphere.

We pride ourselves in a boutique approach to building client relationships through understanding our clients' unique needs and delivering solutions and outcomes suited for implementation.

The Advisory Services team works in the areas of education management and industry interaction; and our Knowledge Centre works on producing reports of relevance to the sector.

We partner with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting change. Latitude Edutech provides independent advisory, strategic consulting, and industry research services to educational institutions, and the educational companies that serve them.

Some of the key focus areas of our advisory services in education are given below:

      Our recent reports have been on the following topics:
  How to set up a world class private university in India
  Incubation centers in institutions of higher learning and their role in encouraging young entrepreneurs
  Emerging trends in management education
  Industry-academia collaboration to set up Centers of Excellence of mutual benefit
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